Bespoke Investment Solutions

Our valuation based process is the unique mechanism that allows us to create a bespoke investment process for each of our clients so that they in turn have a differentiated offering that feels exactly right for their client constituency.


As a matter of course we aim to put a price on anything that your clients invest in. That, combined with forward looking scenario analysis, helps us give you a clearly articulated, holistic and defensible rationale for the entire portfolio. This has the following benefits:

  • We can work with an existing portfolio of shares, ETF’s, Funds and pretty much any other investment, making like-for-like comparisons without dogmatic bias. For instance, we might very conceivably stay with a manager who we believe has little edge or a flawed process because their portfolio appears well positioned at that point in time.

  • We can make adjustments to allow for the differing views of a particular investment committee when required and thereby help build a substantiated consensus in a group discussion.

  • This approach allows us to evaluate each underlying investment on its merits, in isolation and as part of the whole. Where an investment is likely to make a positive contribution, this can be easily judged against its cost.

  • While there are sometimes exceptions, it is in the nature of markets that most investments most of the time provide a return for some level of risk. Our approach provides a means for calibrating that and managing client expectations.

  • Client communication can be tailored for the varied needs and backgrounds of individual clients. High level portfolio risk/return forecasts for each portfolio can provide every client with a sense of the opportunities and threats presented by markets and how that might affect their wealth in the future. At the other end of the spectrum we can drill right down to the assumed earnings for an individual stock when required.

Services We Provide

The InvestSense team is able to provide a range of asset consulting and implemented investment services ranging from being part of an investment committee to outsourcing the entire investment process. The list below is not exhaustive but outlines the type of services InvestSense can provide:

Market Valuation and Asset Allocation

  • Dynamic and proactive recommendations

  • Client-friendly valuation dashboard highlighting projected returns and scenario analysis for each asset class

  • Tailored investment committee reports on markets and future outlook

Investment Selection

  • Independent and fundamental views on products, based on holdings analysis

  • Emphasis on finding the right solution for a given market environment

  • Approved Product List management

  • Ability to use a combination of active funds, index funds, SMAs, ETFs & direct holdings

Portfolio Construction and Implementation

  • Purpose-built portfolios tailored to a firm/clients objectives

  • Optimisation of passive/active combinations

  • Statistical portrayal of portfolio changes’ impact on clients’ wealth

  • Implementation of portfolio changes

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Customised performance and attribution reports

  • Client communication collateral

  • Ongoing monitoring and recommendations

  • Periodic portfolio “health check”