What is the Idea Factory?


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The InvestSense Idea Factory is a forum for fund managers to reconnect their own intrinsic motivation with the needs of your clients, with some help from you, the financial advice community.

Has there ever been as bruising a bull market? The 'alpha promise' is tarnished and if the value proposition of fund managers is in question then so too is that of the financial advisor.  Yet we are a creative industry at the centre of people's lives

One day fixed income and equity markets alike will feel like a spent force, that is the reality of the 'low return environment'. For those that are ready this maybe an opportunity for the investment industry to shine again. This is not about active versus passive but about value for money, communicating well and delivering on our collective promises.

We are currently curating 10 unique, engaging and forward looking investment ideas that one day you might be able to take your clients. These can be investment themes, new product structures. The long list is any fund manager in the country and the short list are the outstanding opportunities that not only promise alpha but are likely inspire your clients to engage with the investment management industry.  

This kind of financial innovation should be a 2-way conversation. We are not building iPhones but tailoring investment outcomes for your clients with their money. Therefore it doesn't have to happen behind closed doors. There will be a very judgy panel and there will be audience participation. InvestSense is funding the evening but we will let the managers buy you a drink at the bar afterwards.

Where and when is it?

The Idea Factory event will take place at the Eternity PlayHouse, 39 Burton Street, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010 at 5.30pm October 10th 2016.

  1. 6.00pm  - Six 5 minute presentations followed by comments and scores from the panel
  2. 7.45pm   - Interval
  3. 8pm       - 2 finalists pitch for the 'mystery prize'
  4. 8.45       - Drinks