InvestSense Diversified Portfolios

The InvestSense Diversified Portfolios were created to bring investment opportunities to independent advisers and their clients. The InvestSense Diversified Portfolios use the latest platform technology that allows more efficient implementation and the potential for more tax efficient outcomes for clients. The InvestSense Diversified Portfolios aim to provide clients with a cost effective solution that helps them reach their investment objectives.

InvestSense uses a dynamic asset allocation approach to manage the InvestSense Diversified Portfolios and a can use a combination of active and passive strategies, ETFs, managed funds and direct securities.

Portfolio Suite and Platform Availability


  • InvestSense CPI+2 Diversified Portfolio
  • InvestSense CPI+3 Diversified Portfolio
  • InvestSense CPI+4 Diversified Portfolio
  • InvestSense CPI+5 Diversified Portfolio


  • InvestSense Diversified Portfolio 2
  • InvestSense Diversified Portfolio 3
  • InvestSense Diversified Portfolio 4
  • InvestSense Diversified Portfolio 5

Asset Allocation and Manager Selection

Dynamic Asset Allocation

  • Improve expected returns
  • Reduced drawdown risks
  • Frequency of changes (and transaction costs) kept to a minimum

Valuation Based Investment Approach

  • Provides estimates of expected returns...
  • ...and of "worst case scenario" losses
  • Links asset allocation to investment objective

Combination of Active and Passive

  • Aim to seek the right balance between an appropriate level of fees and optimal portfolio construction
  • Utilise index funds or directs where it makes sense...
  • ...and active managers where:
    • It provides a better risk/return trade-off (after fees)
    • Index exposure is inappropriate or too risky