Why Work With Us

We believe we are at a time and place where being an experienced but nimble team is a necessary condition of product innovation.

  • The financial services industry is in a state of flux, propelled in our view by four key drivers: Demographics, Markets/Economics, Legislation and Technology
  • These all represent opportunities and threats but it is the status quo that is most threatened
  • The value proposition and cost structure for the wealth management industry has to change
  • Large firms own the status quo and they exist to serve their current stakeholders

This is why smaller firms very often succeed against the odds when there is large scale change in any industry and perhaps why a start-up, albeit a well-funded one, may well end up overturning the automotive industry. However, there is also a chance that early Tesla adopters could end up with a Delorean.

However, our industry and our situation is emphatically different because we deal in digits and, in InvestSense’s case, because we are swimming with a disinter-mediating and rationalising tide. As Victor Hugo once said “There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come." We believe the use of managed accounts is that idea, because it is empowering for advisors and consumers alike as custody and hence control is being taken away from the large institutions.

If either party discovers they have bought a Delorean, the component parts can be delivered back to them in an instant. The portfolio will then function exactly as before and can be maintained, serviced and developed by themselves or the next service provider.

We can now create products at a fraction of a cost that we could have done just five years ago. To thrive these products need to be created in an unencumbered environment. As the lines blur between the decision to buy a stock, a fund or a multi-manager, a business with significant incumbency will inevitably be hostage to its past and current capabilities.

In short, technology has simultaneously lowered the barriers to entry into asset management and, increasingly, is forcing wealth managers to differentiate. Across the board it is no longer enough to be big and arguably being big may actually stop you from delivering what customers require at a cost that they will act on.

Once the dust has settled and there is a newly established wealth management model, that need for innovation may change but for the foreseeable future being nimble is in our view a distinct advantage.