Valuation Driven

How much will you get paid and when? Market valuations tend to be indicative of final outcomes, especially for higher risk asset classes over longer periods. We believe that adopting a valuation based approach allows investors to make sensible decisions and ensures that an investor is sufficiently rewarded for the risks they are undertaking.

Forward Looking

You get what other market participants offer at a given point in time. That changes, sometimes swiftly. Too often the financial services industry focuses on past outcomes without trying to understand how the future might be different from the past. InvestSense believes that taking a forward looking view of expected returns can provide investors with an understanding of expected outcomes and also tells you something about the implied risks in the market. This can mean at times making decisions that are contrarian in nature.


Sometimes patience is an investor’s only ‘edge’. That requires an open collaboration between an investor and their adviser. We believe that any investment proposition needs to be clearly articulated to clients so that they can be appropriately informed and be a part of the decision making process. Clients who are educated and prepared for the likely outcomes under different scenarios are more likely to make sensible decisions in extreme market events and are less likely to ‘blame’ their adviser for those outcomes.